Banks and Insurance

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Banks and Insurance

Banks and Insurance

Prepaid Banks and Insurance Card Solutions – A Chance to Adopt a Revolutionary Business Approach

Atrium Cards, understanding and responding to its clients’ demands, has devised innovative prepaid card solutions for banking institutions and insurance agencies. Giving them a chance to “Go Paperless”, we help them replace paper vouchers and checks with prepaid electronic cards. Since these cards are preloaded with a fixed amount, they offer immense convenience and value to your consumers.

The portfolio of Atrium Cards incorporates diverse prepaid financial packages and solutions that are exclusively designed for our clients all across the globe. We are proud to serve individuals, businesses, government agencies, banking institutions, insurance companies, and beyond. Our vast consumer-base allows us to stand a class apart from other service providers.

Gift Cards

Survive and thrive the current competitive industry with our prepaid gift cards. These powerful, comprehensive prepaid financial solutions are sure to strengthen your bond with stakeholders and clients. Make your account holders or insurance claimants feel special with our offered prepaid gift cards.

Claims Cards

It’s time to revolutionize your insurance claims’ settlement procedures. Get rid of time-consuming processes and settle insurance claims quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. Streamline recurring payments with our prepaid claims card solutions.

Expense Cards

Provide your banking and insurance staff with cost-effective, secure prepaid expense cards. With these cards, you don’t need to go for exclusive company credit cards. So get ready to minimize your expenses and make additional savings.

Convenient, Streamlined Electronic Payments

Atrium Cards presents a range of prepaid financial solutions to banking and insurance institutions to reduce expenses, avoid scams, and promote brand awareness.

  • Strengthen professional ties with insurance policy and account holders.
  • A chance to lessen business expenses.
  • Compensate consumers quickly for inconvenience and delays.
  • Get access to useful financial information.
  • Provide prepaid cards for numerous locations all over the world.

Consult our helpful staff and get started with simple, quick prepaid card solutions today!


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