Corporate Cards

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Corporate Cards

Corporate Cards

Prepaid Corporate Cards – A Blend of Simplicity and Efficiency

Atrium Cards presents simple, cost-effective, and manageable prepaid corporate cards to organizations looking to make their payouts more effective, flexible, and convenient. Offerings a safe and superior alternative to standard paper-based disbursement approaches, we eliminate various time-consuming and challenging processes typically associated with vouchers, checks, and cash.

Get prepaid corporate cards to give your business operations a superior touch!


Expense Cards

If your company is seeking a protected, effective way to satisfy its employees’ work-related expenses, then our corporate expense cards are just the thing you need. Much safer than vouchers and checks, these expense co-branded cards offer a convenient method to make payments.

Reward Cards

Promote employee satisfaction and performance with our prepaid reward cards. This is your ultimate means to develop strong employer-employee relations.

Benefit Cards

Serving as a means to give your employees quick, reliable, safe, and flexible access to great corporate benefits, our prepaid benefit cards can help you make your business practices truly efficient.

Payroll Cards

Help your unbanked employees avail flexible and efficient electronic payment services. Our payroll co-branded prepaid cards will transfer funds automatically without involving any trouble.

No More Cash or Checks

We have developed exclusive prepaid corporate cards to enable our business clients with to manage and pay for their business expenses. Simply load money onto your prepaid corporate card and you’re ready to utilize it for everything you can think of.

A few futuristic features that help our prepaid corporate cards stand a class apart from other prepaid card solutions are:

  • It is easy to get our corporate card.
  • It involves better safety than cash.
  • Have lost your card? Don’t worry; you can get your money back.
  • Monitor and control your business expenses.
  • Your prepaid corporate card is secure against unofficial purchases.
  • Feel free to use your corporate card at anytime, anywhere.

Get in touch with our dedicated staff today to get the prepaid financial solution that’s perfect for your needs!

Detangle The Trap Of Checks With Prepaid Corporate Cards

Running a corporate office is not an easy task; it demands a lot of energy, manpower, at the same time lot of fund is required to meet each and every expense. Along with it, keeping a track record of each business expense is not everybody’s cup of tea. Most of the people find it extremely difficult and this is the reason due to which the businesses collapse. Don’t let it happen if you too are running a business no matter big or small, you must try out these co-branded prepaid cards and keep a record of each expense of your business.

The big corporates and organizations which are looking forward to making their transactions smooth and effective without paying any extra attention should go for co-branded prepaid cards offered by Atrium cards. They are simple, cost effective and easy to manage. The company offers a secure and high class substitute to the conventional paper based money transfer approaches. Those stereotyped time-wasting cash and checks procedures have been replaced totally with high- tech computerized process.

Try out the following international prepaid cards:

Expenditure Cards

Much safer and dependable than cash vouchers or checks! It works simply… if you operate or own a big corporate office and you need to apply prepaid card programs for the employees’ expenses then nothing could be a better option than providing them with expense cards.

Reward Cards

Rewarding the employees at regular intervals is very important to keep them motivated and to sustain employee satisfaction. This is the best way to build up a healthy employee-employer relation.

Salary Cards

This is meant for employees who do not have a bank salary account. Instead of cash, this prepaid card ensures a hassle free electronic fund transfer.

Benefit cards

Provide these benefit cards to your employees and offer them extra corporate benefits. This is secure, fast and problem free way to provide perks to the employees. Offer them with these benefit prepaid cards and see their efficiency growing each day.

If you too wish to come out of the web of cash and checks and see your business growing, join the extensive co-branded card programs today and watch your business flourish.

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