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Prepaid Card Solutions – Bringing New Opportunities to Retailers

Atrium Cards S.A. understands the retailers’ urge to boost profits and reduce expenses. Maintaining our pledge to provide our clients with the paramount financial solutions, we offer them convenient prepaid credit card solutions to meet their unique needs.

Let prepaid card solutions revolutionize the business atmosphere for your ease!


Rely on our prepaid financial packages designed exclusively for retailers to enjoy a comprehensive suite of payment solutions. Utilizing the most advanced payments and banking technology, Atrium Cards is known to facilitate retailers to serve their consumers more efficiently across the globe.

Gift Cards

Make a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other event extra special with our safe prepaid gift cards. We can help you send your heartfelt wishes. This is your chance to promote brand awareness and stand apart from your competitors.

Store Cards

Help your consumers remember your business by issuing them special prepaid credit cards. Retain loyal customers to enjoy great revenues. These cards will help you top the competitive and challenging business environment.

Expense Cards

If you are a small retailer and haven’t qualified for prepaid corporate cards, consider choosing our prepaid retail cards to make safe and quick payments. Offering a convenient and timely electronic payment method, these cards can minimize your expenses.

Reward Cards

The cost-effective prepaid financial solutions created by Atrium Cards give you an ultimate opportunity to make an impression on your consumers. Make these prepaid cards a vital part of your retail business to reward consumers, sales professionals, and employees.

A Chance to Stay on Top

Enjoy the convenience, security, user-friendliness, and affordability of our prepaid card solutions. Atrium Cards, presenting a vast array of prepaid services, strives to help you choose the best solution that can offer you great results in the long run.

  • Ensure brand awareness.
  • Flexible and protected prepaid financial solutions.
  • Eliminate the inconveniences and delays of refunds.
  • Issue cards instantly.
  • Enjoy superior security and control.

Embrace our attractive and useful prepaid card solutions to add value to your business operations.


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