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Atrium Cards has created a strong, effectual platform to provide its clients with exceptional prepaid cards. Giving you convenient access to your funds, the functionality and effectiveness of our prepaid solutions go beyond cash, checks, vouchers, and other payment techniques.

Our Services, Our Pride

Atrium Cards presents an all-inclusive package of co-branded prepaid cards to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations. Ranging from an extensive payments network to cutting-edge technology and from prompt support services to helpful international commercial services, our suite of prepaid credit card services have something for everyone.

Payments Network

Atrium Cards has developed a vast payments network that is sure to produce great results all over the world. Put your faith in our well-established network to offer convenience and value to your business clients. Help your clients send and withdraw funds in an advanced manner.

Support Services

Atrium Cards takes pride in its dedicated workforce for its incessant support. We are connected with our clients 24/7 to make their transformation absolutely hassle-free with our co-branded prepaid cards. Our prepaid financial services involve exclusive support services for businesses, international travelers, government bodies, banking institutions, insurance providers, and other clients.

International Commercial Services

Our international commercial services offer an ultimate solution to our clients looking to boost revenues and make savings. Our mission is to help you become the top service provider in your specific industry. All members of our team, from our customer representatives to product managers and developers, will work closely with you at all levels to develop strong co-branded card programs  and the most cost-effective prepaid financial solution for your needs.

Enjoy Extra-Ordinary Prepaid Financial Solutions with Atrium Cards

Atrium Cards takes a pride in presenting unlimited prepaid financial solutions for its customers. The services offer prepaid credit cards for everyone along with its widespread payment network, ground-breaking technology and unparalleled customer support. Overall there’s an entire co-branded card program which could be utilized by people looking out for prepaid financial solutions. The usual postpaid credit card with high interest rate and compulsion to pay even during financial crisis can be a big reason to bother for many, but with prepaid cards, it’s like: first save the money for your loved ones staying far-off and let them spend later. It gives a feeling of enormous relaxation and happiness, no burden at all. The co-branded cards from Atrium are of international standard and it offers something good and usable for everyone who comes across it.

  How it works

The company majorly offers prepaid fund transfer services across the globe. With an extensive range of payment networks present all over the world, sending money to your family or business clients has become as easy as counting 1 2 3… All you need to do is believe on this network and it will in return offer you significance and respect in front of your business colleagues and family. They will be able to receive funds from you in a classy and advanced way.

Get Exclusive International Monetary Services

Our prepaid card services are present internationally, helping people in need to receive money in any part of the world. Those who are looking forward to boost up their businesses and make huge savings should take advantage of our internationally acquainted commercial services and check out the boom in their business. Our aim is to provide as much financial aid as we can and watch you becoming the top player in the market. Our staff members, from customer care executive to the highest level managers, are all dedicated to serve each of the clients very closely at their level to offer the most reliable and economical prepaid financial solutions.

Also get 24/7 Support services

We are proud of offering you an endless 24 x7 support. Our dedicated staff is always present around the customers to look after them whenever they get stuck. Our co branded prepaid cardsand financial solutions are available for travelers, business boosting, banking insurance and many others.
So what are you waiting for!! Get associated with us and bring loads of prosperity to your business.

Our expert, experienced development team is always ready to work with our clients to design the perfect B2B solution according to their needs. We stand by your side and help you leverage our offered prepaid solutions to add value to your payment procedures and offerings. Take your venture to the top with Atrium Cards.



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